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FICO to discount medical debt from credit scores
A move by personal credit score provider FICO to leave out or discount medical debt from its scores will boost the credit ratings of many borrowers, while helping lenders to better assess risk. Moreover, FICO won't consider past overdue bills borrowers …
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Atheist Group Points Out Diner's “Praying In Public” Discount Is A Civil
Last week, a diner in North Carolina made headlines for giving a 15% discount to customers who said grace before eating. While the owner argued that the discount was more about rewarding customers who express “gratitude,” it's hard to ignore that the …
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Prayer discount no longer on the menu at North Carolina diner
A Winston-Salem, N.C., diner will no longer dish out discounts along with dinner to praying customers. Mary's Gourmet Diner had been offering a 15 percent discount for customers seen offering grace before meals during the past four years. The practice …
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Yankees missed their chance to re-sign David Robertson at a “discount
He might end up re-signing with the Yankees, but it'll cost them a whole lot more than it would have six months ago when Robertson was apparently willing to give them a hometown discount. Here's what he recently told George King of the New York Post:.