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Use Options For a Chance To Buy HCN at a 11% Discount
Looking back to 84 days ago, Health Care REIT Inc. (NYSE: HCN) priced a 14,000,000 share secondary stock offering at $ 62.35 per share. Buyers in that offering made a considerable investment into the company, expecting that their investment would go up …
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Aircraft Resale Group Launches New Discount Program
The National Aircraft Resale Association (NARA) rolled out its new Value+ program, which provides exclusive discounts and special offers to clients of NARA-certified brokers and dealers. It officially launched yesterday with a deal from Asset Insight …
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Searcy restaurant amid controversy for discrimination
"It says that because I give a ten percent discount to people who go to church on Sundays, I'm discriminating against those who don't go to church." Rose said he doesn't think he's excluding a group of people. "I offer discounts to others too – like …
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