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AirAsia India lowers fares, offers 20% discount
The discounted ticket scheme was launched yesterday for a six-day period (till August 17) and offers customers 20 per cent discount on tickets across categories for flights from Bengaluru to Chennai, Kochi and Goa and vice versa, AirAsia India said in …
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340B Federal Drug Discount Program Faces Challenges
The 340B program, a federal program that provides billions in drug discounts to safety net hospitals and other health care providers, is expanding under health care reform, but there is uncertainty for safety net providers and drug manufacturers. The …
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The Trouble With Discount Rates
If you remember what you learned in finance 101, the discount rate, or required rate of return, is a combination of the risk-free rate and a risk premium. In theory, in order to value anything, you need three things: an estimate of future cash flows …